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Kessel's Volleyball Jargon

posted Mar 8, 2015, 11:09 PM by Debbie Sokol   [ updated Mar 8, 2015, 11:13 PM ]
Occasionally I like to drop some of my favorites from John Kessel....just puts a smile on my face and I hope it does the same for you today!
  • Ball! - a universal cry that means "Don't Jump!" as a ball is dangerously close to rolling under those jumping
  • Broken Window - any ball landing directly on the forehead after passing through the fingers of a player attempting to set
  • Cake - the war cry from a defensive player who has just dug the best opposing hitter
  • Calendar Ball - a spike or serve that goes so slow you could time its speed with a calendar rather than a stopwatch
  • Charlie Tuna - a novice player constantly running into the net
  • Hand Grenade Defense - a defense that would not have been hurt had the volleyball actually been a hand grenade, i.e. nobody was anywhere near the falling ball
  • Helicopter - any badly spinning set, often not whistled. Also a "whirlybird, sometimes a parent
  • Kodak Defense - players standing around taking pictures of each other rather than groveling on the floor to get the ball up
  • M & M - Major Mismatch, caused by a crafty setter who gets the hitters up against a no or a weak block
  • Monument Defense - a form of team defense where everyone looks like unmoving statues
  • Movie Ball - a spike that doesn't go down but instead sails far out of bounds. It comes from the fact that on a flight that long, movies are usually shown
  • Power Outage - a serve that doesn't clear the net, or a spike that ends up as a tip, esp. if it does not clear the net
  • Scud - another word for an errant spike
  • Satellite Ball - a very high set that may even touch the out of bounds ceiling
  • Six Pack - another term for getting a spiked ball in the face on defense. A "Twelve Pack" actually knocks down the defender
  • Radar Ball - a ball that goes so fast it needs to be clocked with a speed gun. The hardest hitters are honored with a ticket for going too fast
  • Seven-Eleven Block as in open all of the time, a failed attempt at blocking
  • Spank - a great spike
  • TLAR - That Looks About Right, a common scientific, specific coaching phrase
  • Tuna - the opposing blocker that net fouls, especially when the ball would have been their ball. Also called "Catching a fish"
  • Too - the most important number of a volleyball player. Examples of proper volleyball math include "I'm too tired" or "It's too far"
  • Turbo Sleep - compression of sleep into a short period of time, done in the gym during a tournament
  • The Vortex - a series of bad plays which seem to suck a team under
  • Twilight Zone - the place players with no or little attention spans or ability to concentrate tend to go during important parts of a match
  • WOW - Wide Open Whining
  • Wall Ball - a hard spike that is mis-hit and strike the wall "X" number of bricks high
  • Waffle - missing a spike completely or just off the tips of your fingers
  • Uh, Nice Try - a somewhat sarcastic response to a token effort