Why have a private lesson?

Private lessons are the most efficient way to ramp-up your skills, speed up the learning process and focus your development on the specific areas which need to be addressed

How do I schedule a private?

Private training is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Individual coaches schedule their own privates. On the calendar below, find an available time convenient for you. To confirm the time, call 281-221-3624 or email Ap Clarke. Most private lessons are on Mondays, Wednesdays and select Sundays; however, special dates and times are available upon request

What is done in a private lesson?

The private lesson is your time. It will be structured specifically based on your needs and your experience 

Check the Private Lesson Calendar below. If the hour shows "Private Available", please call 281-221-3624 or email Ap Clarke when you are ready to commit to the spot

Who might want a private lesson?
  • Beginner who would benefit from an introduction to key volleyball skills before entering the court with others in a group practice
  • All-levels: Preparation for a team tryout
  • All-levels: Increased repetitions in specific skills (serving, passing,  serve receive, hitting, setting, blocking, digging, etc.)
  • All-levels: Increased repetitions in a specific position (Middle Hitter, Setter, Defensive Specialist, Libero, Right Side Hitter, Outside Hitter)
  • All-levels: Develop and learn new techniques within a specific skill (example: float serve, top-spin serve, zone serving)
What does a private lesson cost?
  • 1 Player: $125
  • 2 Players: $75 each
  • 3 Players: $50 each
  • 4 Players: $40 each
If you opt for a semi-private hour, you must form your own twosome, threesome or foursome. Often, team-mates and friends are a good choice for shared lesson time